8 Pinterest secrets you need to know

8 Pinterest secrets you should know: if you're looking to improve repins and click-throughs, check out my post! A must-read collection of blogging tips of all levels. Read it at gloriousmomblog.com. Pinterest is like the elusive gold at the end of the rainbow. Everyone knows the way you get people to read your stuff is through Pinterest, but it’s so mysterious! And always changing! It can be frustrating to hear of other bloggers getting tons of page views through Pinterest, when Pinterest seems to be largely ignoring you.

I’ve developed a fascination with Pinterest since three of my posts really took off through Pinterest. I wanted to discover what happened so I could duplicate it with my other posts. In the process I’ve learned quite a bit about Pinterest, as you may gather as this is my fourth post about Pinterest. I’m actually almost done writing an ebook on Pinterest, so if you’re interested in learning all my secrets (or most of them, anyway), subscribe at the bottom of this post to be notified when it is published. In the meantime, here are a few secrets from my book.

8 Pinterest secrets you should know: if you're looking to improve repins and click-throughs, check out my post! A must-read collection of blogging tips of all levels. Read it at gloriousmomblog.com. 1. Join a pinning pod

There are two ways you can do this: if you have Tailwind or BoardBooster you can join a group using the same service and set it up to auto-pin each other’s pins. In Tailwind this is called a Tailwind Tribe. If you are not automated, or even if you are, you can join a manual pinning pod. I just started a Facebook group that has daily threads that do this. If you want to join, check it out here.

Our pod has to be open to experimentation. Because as my good friend Inez from fortheloveofmom.org says, it’s crazy to keep doing something just because if it’s not producing results. I agree with this strongly. If what you’re doing isn’t working, switch it up. Our pinning pod started pinning from our blog boards, and now we’re switching to pinning straight from our pins. As far as results go, I haven’t noticed a dramatic increase in page views, but my followers have been steadily rising at a much quicker rate than before. The other participants say they HAVE noticed an uptick in page views, so we continue on.

2. Secret source page

If you don’t already know, there’s a way to find all the pins that people have been directly creating from your website. This is obviously different from the one on your blog board that you originally created. You can find all these pins at www.pinterest.com/source/yourwebsite.com. Of course, replace “yourwebsite.com” with your blog URL. When you find this page with your pins, you will find that you can like and comment on these pins. You can comment on the ones you’ve created, but you can’t like them. This is a great way to bring attention to these pins and increase their priority in the feed.

3. How to find group boards

I address group boards more in detail in my ebook because I’ve found that sadly, most bloggers don’t understand them. You should probably be spending more time cultivating your own group boards than trying to jump on a zillion other group boards. If you aren’t on any, find some! But don’t try to get on hundreds unless you’ve found it makes a big difference in your page views or repins.

Free Pinterest Growth Challenge: Are you a blogger trying unsuccessfully to use Pinterest to grow your blog? Or maybe you've had some success, but you want more consistent results? This free Pinterest challenge is perfect for you! Receive an email series with a daily prescription for Pinterest including steps to gain more followers, get on group boards, improve your SEO, make better pins and more.A great way to find group boards is to start with a big group board, go to the original owner’s profile, and look at their group boards, especially if they have a lot of followers or repins. From their you can check out the profiles of the OTHER group board owners, and see what boards they are on. If you need a place to start, check out my Pinterest profile as I’m on a number of group boards: Pinterest.com/gloriousmomblog. If you follow me, I’ll follow you back! Unless you’re naked in your profile picture. Then I won’t.

Want to up your Pinterest game? Let me analyze your Pinterest account including your pins, profile, blog, and pinning behavior, and I will provide an evaluation and recommendations to start expanding your influence on Pinterest. 4. Pinterest Audit and pinning challenge 

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13 Replies to “8 Pinterest secrets you need to know”

  1. This is helpful. I’ve been on Pinterest for awhile but I really don’t “use” it. Guess I need to get on there and get pinning other stuff. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I always forget about that source page. Thanks for the information… I agree with most of it, but I use Tailwind instead ?

    1. Yeah, Tailwind is popular! I haven’t tried it.

  3. These are really helpful tips. I have been doing a lot of trail and error with my Pinterest lately, so this is great!

    1. Oh good! I hope something works

  4. This is sooo incredibly helpful. I have been pinning for 6 months and have a decent number of boards and repins. I am just not sure what good goals are so I will start checking more after a year. I use boardbooster and do pin my own stuff, but less than 20% so that need to increase. I will check your other tips too! Thanks

    1. Sounds like you’re doing great!

  5. I go through phases, as a casual pinner whom Pinterest is “made for” (haha i love that part!), of being totally addicted and then going a month without ever going on. I often wonder how things still pop in as suggested in my newsfeed. It never dawned on me that people will repin their own stuff! I guess being a bit OCD where I have to keep all my boards nice and neat is what really limits me, cuz i dont think that the rest of the world out there isnt so OCD at heart. that app that checks for broken links… yeah i would go crazy with that thing!!

    1. Yup we do it all for you, lol

  6. These were REALLY good tips! I’ve been ramping up my Pinterest game over the past few weeks, but some of these were definitely new to me, and will be super helpful. Thanks!

    1. So glad they helped! Pinterest can really make a difference

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