Why you’ll never be good enough

It’s funny how the simplest truth can get convoluted into something that means the opposite. But sometimes understanding the truth can mean the difference between living free and being completely miserable.  How many people don’t want to talk to or even think about God because the act brings feelings of shame and inadequacy? How many […]

The Day My Anxiety Left Part 2

Around this time I had one of those *special* days where personal stuff with my family compounded with an extremely untimely diaper blowout and ended in me snapping at my husband, confirming my emotional failure for the day. All in all, for about five days, I lived almost as if God’s work in me had never happened. I knew I was still free, that the Holy Spirit had still blessed me, but this test I failed.

Why God lets you wait

Is there something you’ve been waiting for for a long time? Maybe it’s your future husband, or some medical breakthrough, or an advancement in your career. Maybe you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. Or maybe you have a dream – some passion that’s been smoldering inside of you since you were young.  Sometimes […]