Resources for bloggers

Resources for bloggers: free stuff to help you get better at blogging! Check it out at Free Pinterest Growth Challenge
If you need that extra boost for Pinterest, check out my free challenge here!

Anatomy of a Viral Pin

I put together a free two-page PDF that is a handy guide for helping your pins gain momentum on Pinterest. Get it here

Social Media Growth Cheat Sheet

This PDF will give you steps to grow your social media following and influence on the four major platforms! Get it free here

How to start a profitable blog 

Everything you need to know to set up your blog and start making money from it!

Blogging boot camps
For those serious about learning and mastering the whole blogging process, a friend of mine and I have put together a blogging school designed to give you all the information you need, provide support, and challenge you to make it happen! Check it out here

Instagram Evaluation 

Are you struggling to get engagement on Instagram? Instagram is the most popular platform for brands to request collaboration, but it’s hard to appear attractive with poor engagement. Let an Instagram whiz, Inez from, take a look at your account and advise you how to improve it to see the best growth. Get 10% off with my affiliate discount code GMB10 here

Influencer Bundle

If you are an influencer struggling to get sponsored posts or an aspiring Influencer who doesn’t know where or how to start… this bundle is for YOU!

Act now to get Inez’ Influential Mama & Pitch Perfect Influencer Courses PLUS, you will get an Instagram Evaluation. With my affiliate discount code GMB10, you can get an extra 10% off!

Website Support Services 

Need help with your blog? I used Jonathan Lawrence from, and he was super-fast, affordable, and professional. Click the link above (affiliate) to check out his services. 

Instagram evaluation: get your account looked at by a professional who will give you personalized advice on what changes to make to get more engagement and expand your reach. Get 10% off with my affiliate code GMB10.

Need help with your website? Jonathan from offers anything from SEO assistance to webmaster services. Fast and affordable, he can give you the help with your blog you need.