10 parenting pins we need to exist

Pinterest is full of inspiring idea and encouraging articles. The pins are usually so gorgeous and perfect. But that’s not always what you’re looking for. Sometimes you need a post that addresses the nitty gritty of motherhood. Not just a pretty pin to save for later, but something that addresses the embarrassing topics that inevitable […]

Buy this, not that: baby gear edition 

This post contains affiliate links.  Three kids later, I have some suggestions as to what baby stuff works out and what doesn’t. Learn from my mistakes! I bought many of these items twice because the first version was terrible. And online reviews are NOT always helpful.  Buy this: baby monitor, not that baby monitor. I initially received […]

Autism adventures and how we deal

The logo for Autism Speaks contains puzzle pieces, which I think is perfect. Our whole life is a puzzle with our autistic four-year-old, constantly strategizing to keep him from terrorizing the world, destroying our house, and hurting himself. Every few months we have to level up, because what worked before doesn’t work anymore.  For instance, […]