Finding peace in the chaos: a free seven day Bible reading and prayer devotional

Are you a mom who is finding herself stressed-out pretty regularly because of her kids? Or just anyone who struggles with anxiety and is hungry to live a life characterized by peace? Fortunately, you don’t have to live under constant stress and anxiety. It may seem like it’s par for the course, but God promises us peace! 

I’ve created a free seven day email devotional that shares what the Scripture teaches us about finding peace, and includes special prayers to pray for each day. Through meditating on what the Bible has to say on the subject and devoting ourselves to seeking God’s face, we can find breakthrough in our homes!

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Finding peace in the chaos: a devotional for busy and anxious moms. If you're looking for anxiety management tips from the Bible, you should check out this seven day email prayer and Bible reading devotional from
Finding peace in the chaos: an email devotional especially for moms managing stress and anxiety. Check it out at
Finding peace in the chaos: a free seven day email devotional. Find freedom from stress and anxiety through prayer and studying the scripture. Sign up at